What if I told you a career in cybersecurity could be your key to unlocking an amazing life?

I’m sure It’s hard to believe when all that’s shown are shady guys in sweatshirts, hunched over keyboards sitting in dark spaces. Run an internet search for ‘cybersecurity’ and you’ll find padlocks, ones and zeroes, so. much. blue, and mostly men staring at screens.

The articles and resources out there aren’t any better. They cover only a handful of possible roles. They make it seem like deep technical experience and/or a computer science degree is required for anything. And they fail to mention any of the bigger-picture details that attract to women:

Lucrative pay. Role models and mentors. Opportunities for advancement. Meaningful work.

Ladies, listen up.

With a career in cybersecurity you can get all of that and more. And no, you don’t have to trade in your heels for a hoodie to be a success.

You are uniquely positioned to provide knowledge, experience, and diversity that this field desperately needs.

Regardless of where you’ve come from or where you’ve been⁠—teacher, writer, or “CEO of the home”⁠—there is a place for you in cybersecurity.

We can help you find it.

Hacker in Heels is committed to attracting, advancing, and advocating for women in cybersecurity.

Through our digital content, career quizChangemakers program, and Study Squads Hacker in Heels aims to be the premiere online platform for women in cybersecurity.

Founder’s Story

Not so long ago I was on a very different career path. Ever since I was in high school I dreamed of working for a three-letter agency as a graphic designer. And, as with all goals I’ve had in life, I was relentlessly dedicated to that vision.

I avoided college parties, drugs, basically anything that could add question to my squeaky clean record. I focused on making my resume as competitive as possible. On top of completing a major, a minor, AND an undergraduate certificate, I worked almost twenty hours a week for a nonprofit AND ran an Etsy shop AND freelanced design services. #hustle

This is the part where I tell you all the hard work paid off, right? That I received the only internship spot in the agency’s design office (I did) and went on to be their graduate scholar upon graduation (yep, that happened too). I was well on the path to being a “lifer!”

Soon though I came to realize this path was lined with loads and loads of red tape and road blocks. Ugh!

Time was more important than talent. Ambition was throttled by rigid rules and promotion schedules. Ageism was definitely an issue. I saw this not just in my own office but also in the experiences of my peers. I served on the board of Young Government Leaders for two years and got to know the issues that millennials faced very, very well.

Side Note: This is still happening in lots of fields, not just in the government. It’s not a surprise if you can relate!

Long story short, I left both the government and graphic design just two years after I started. Thankfully I carried out with me a newly minted master’s degree, which helped me get my very first job in a hot new field: cybersecurity.

Fast forward to today and I am subject matter expert in cybersecurity investigations focused on insider risk management, with experience leading programs and teams at globally recognized companies. With a clear track record of entrepreneurship, I decided to start Hacker in Heels as my passion project to elevate others with me.

⁠— Stacey Champagne

Hall of Fame

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