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Hacker in Heels x IFundWomen

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IFundWomen believes that nobody should go into debt funding the early days of a business.

Women are starting businesses 4.8 times faster than the national average, yet we struggle to access capital without going into debt.

Through IFundWomen’s  platform, Hacker in Heels is seeking to raise $20,000 to scale our capabilities to attract and advance women in cybersecurity.

Start your cybersecurity career exploration with a quick, fun quiz!

Adapted from the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education, We’ve designed a short, simple quiz to help takers identify which cybersecurity focus area may be of interest.

Hacker in Heels is committed to attracting, advancing, and advocating for women in cybersecurity.

By offering resources to help women get informed, find their fit, and make the switch, Hacker in Heels aims to:

  • Foster the untapped talent of experienced women who want to apply their skills to something new
  • Shift the paradigm of power by introducing more women to one of the most lucrative careers
  • Redefine stereotypes around the people and culture of cybersecurity

“Cybersecurity is one of the only professions that has almost every job within it.” — Shamla Naidoo, CISO, IBM

Million Positions Estimated to be Unfilled by 2021

Trillion Estimated Annual Cost of Cybercrime by 2021


Female Representation in Cybersecurity Job Roles

Thousand Dollars Average Cybersecurity Professional Salary

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Find Your Fit

We’ve developed a 5-question quiz to match your skills and preferences to one of six cybersecurity focus areas. Use the specialized results guide to jumpstart your career exploration!

Make the Switch

Hacker in Heels Changemakers is a six-week virtually-led program that provides women with clarity and confidence to pursue new careers in cybersecurity.

We also offer Study Squads for women seeking to earn cybersecurity certifications.


When the dream job didn’t lead to the life I imagined, I knew I needed to re-strategize. I wanted my career to be intellectually challenging, fiscally rewarding, and compliment my life without consuming it. With the ink still wet on my undergraduate arts degree, I decided to make the pivot to cybersecurity and haven’t looked back. Hacker in Heels is my passion project to inspire others to join me.

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