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Study alongside aspiring and practicing women in cybersecurity. Gain credentials to advance your career.

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Fall 2021 Security+ Study Group

Hacker in Heels Study Groups are virtually-led programs that helps women learn and earn industry-recognized cybersecurity credentials.

Over eight weeks you will prepare for the CompTIA Security+ exam alongside aspiring and practicing women in cybersecurity.

Participants receive:

  • 8 weekly meetups where you’ll review concepts through presentations created by your peers, as well as the opportunity to teach to the group during your assigned week.
  • Access to the Hacker in Heels Slack community (currently only accessible by participating in a Hacker in Heels event or program!) and private Security+ study group channel to connect and ask questions as you study.
  • Practice quizzes from various study sources to grow information mastery, without having to pay for additional study guides and resources yourself.
  • Facilitation by an experienced cybersecurity practitioner.

    About Security+
    From the CompTIA website

    CompTIA Security+ is a global certification that validates the baseline skills necessary to perform core security functions and pursue a cybersecurity career.

    • More choose Security+ – chosen by more corporations and defense organizations than any other certification on the market to validate baseline security skills and for fulfilling the DoD 8570 compliance.
    • Security+ proves hands-on skills – the only baseline cybersecurity certification emphasizing hands-on practical skills, ensuring the security professional is better prepared to problem solve a wider variety of today’s complex issues.
    • More job roles turn to Security+ to supplement skills – baseline cybersecurity skills are applicable across more of today’s job roles to secure systems, software and hardware.
    • Security+ is aligned to the latest trends and techniques – covering the most core technical skills in risk assessment and management, incident response, forensics, enterprise networks, hybrid/cloud operations, and security controls, ensuring high-performance on the job.

    Before September 27

    • Purchase GCGA study guide
    • Take pre-assessment (to be emailed when available)
    • Purchase Security+ exam voucher*
    • Register for Security+ exam*

    *You do not need to purchase the exam voucher prior to starting or while participating in the study group. If it works best for your budget to wait until later, no worries!

    Session 1 | Introduction

    Live Session

    • Overview
    • Study strategies
    • Resources
    • Group teaching


    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1


    • Study Strategy Worksheet
    • Chapter 1 Practice Questions
    Session 2 | Chapter 1

    Live Session

    • Chapter 1 Presentation


    • Chapter 2
    • Chapter 3


    • Chapter 2 Practice questions
    • Chapter 3 Practice Questions
    • Weekly Reflection
    Session 3 | Chapters 2 & 3

    Live Session

    • Chapter 2 Presentations
    • Chapter 3 Presentations


    • Chapter 4
    • Chapter 5


    • Chapter 4 Practice questions
    • Chapter 5 Practice Questions
    • Weekly Reflection
    Session 4 | Chapters 4 & 5

    Live Session

    • Chapter 4 Presentations
    • Chapter 5 Presentations


    • Chapter 6
    • Chapter 7


    • Chapter 6 Practice questions
    • Chapter 7 Practice Questions
    • Weekly Reflection
    Session 5 | Chapters 6 & 7

    Live Session

    • Chapter 6 Presentations
    • Chapter 7 Presentations


    • Chapter 8
    • Chapter 9


    • Chapter 8 Practice questions
    • Chapter 9 Practice Questions
    • Weekly Reflection
    Session 6 | Chapters 8 & 9

    Live Session

    • Chapter 8 Presentations
    • Chapter 9 Presentations


    • Chapter 10
    • Chapter 11


    • Chapter 10 Practice Questions
    • Chapter 11 Practice Questions
    • Weekly Reflection
    Session 7 | Chapters 10 & 11

    Live Session

    • Chapter 10 Presentations
    • Chapter 11 Presentations


    • Post-Assessment
    • Weekly Reflection
    Session 8 | Wrap-Up

    Live Session

    • Recap
    • Test-taking strategies
    • Next steps


    • Take the exam!

    Session Dates

    Session 1 | September 28

    Session 2 | October 5 

    Session 3 | October 12

    Session 4 | October 19

    Session 5 | October 26

    Session 6 | November 2 

    Session 7 | November 9

    Session 8 | March 23

    Tuesdays, 6-7:30PM CT, online

    Schedule conflict? All sessions will be recorded and accessible via Slack.

    Join Us!

    Limited seats available—get on the waitlist for early bird access to enrollment when it opens later this year.

    Your Instructor

    Stacey Champagne

    Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE)
    Insider Threat Program Manager (ITPM)

    I started my post-college career as a graphic designer, making $50,000 a year, driving a 14 year old car and renting a room because it was all I could afford in a high cost of living area. I had big ambitions and big plans for my life, but it became apparent very quickly that my career was not in alignment with my dreams.

    Fast forward 5 years and a career pivot, I’m now making 4x more money in a highly rewarding field. There’s a TON of opportunity to grow, amazing benefits, and a level of flexibility and balance that enables me to get the most out of life beyond the work.

    My own success is why I strongly believe cybersecurity careers are a means to disrupt the inequity of wealth and power in society, and an avenue for unlocking your greatest potential.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I get the study guide that will be used by the group?

    You can purchase CompTIA Security+ Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-601 Study Guide by Darril Gibson here.

    Should I get the voucher only or the option that includes a test retake?

    Only you know your comfort with test-taking. If it would give you peace of mind to have a retake available to you, that might be a good decision. Otherwise we believe that you will ROCK IT on your first attempt if you commit to studying!

    Will I have access to the Hacker in Heels Slack Community after the study group ends?

    Yes! We highly encourage you to introduce yourself and connect with women outside of the study group in our open channels, too.

    Have questions, concerns, or compliments? Let’s chat: hello@hackerinheels.com