Changemakers helps women successfully navigate a career transition into cybersecurity

Ready to break free of the limits of your current position and increase your impact, learning, and earning potential?

In six weeks, gain clarity and confidence to pursue a career in cybersecurity alongside other ambitious women like you.

Before computers were a what,
they were a who.

Women were once at the forefront of calculating, codebreaking, and programming. First by their own hands, then with the assistance of rapidly evolving technology that would come to take their title.

In the 1950s, women were between 30 and 50 percent of all computer programmers.

Then, as the jobs rose in salary and prestige, men stepped in and drove women out.

It’s time to reclaim the space we pioneered and the prosperity that comes with it.

I would have never thought I’d be interested in ethical hacking! I’m a curious and creative problem solver, and Changemakers helped me see how my skills and interests are an asset to the field. Cybersecurity needs more women, so why not me?

Sarah M.

3.1 million unfilled cybersecurity positions globally

$112,000 average salary for cybersecurity professionals in North America

76% of cybersecurity professionals are satisfied with their job

The average person changes jobs 12 times over the course of their life

Staying employed at the same company for over two years will result in as much as 50% less earnings over your career

I entered the Changemakers program with ZERO knowledge of cybersecurity. After six weeks, I now feel confident to pursue a career in this field and have a gameplan to do so. Hacker in Heels provided me with more career guidance and strategy than I’ve ever received through my high school and college career counselors combined.

Laura K.

Our mission is to help women cultivate a six-figure cybersecurity career through…


Holistic understanding of yourself and opportunities in cybersecurity that align with your goals and desires.



Foundational and deep subject matter expertise in a variety of cybersecurity focus areas.


Supportive relationships with aspiring and practicing women in cybersecurity.

… and Changemakers is where it starts!

Changemakers is a six-week, live, online experience that helps you get clear on what really matters to you in a career, so that you feel confident in your next steps, no matter what you decide to do.

Fall 2021 Dates & Themes

Live Session Tuesdays 5P-6P PST | 8P-9P ET

Week 1 | August 10

Self: Identify your needs and desires to ensure fulfillment, energy, and inspiration from whatever you pursue.

Week 2 | August 17

Cybersecurity: Understand terminology, history, focus areas, key concepts, culture, and career opportunities across cybersecurity’s many domains.

Week 3 | August 24

Intersections: Locate where cybersecurity careers and your passion could meet, setting direction for your optimal path. Learn the avenues for gaining the knowledge needed to succeed.

Week 4 | August 31

Connection: Grow connections and community with others in the field for support and accountability.

Week 5 | September 7

Resilience: Recognize and plan for challenges that may come up throughout the course of your cybersecurity journey.

Week 6 | September 14

Decision: Create a plan for next steps with a strategy that increases your likelihood of success.

What you’ll learn in Changemakers…

  • How to best tie what you do for a living to something you’re passionate about so that your career & life feels fulfilling, energizing, and inspiring to you.

  • The variety of focus areas and job roles that make up the cybersecurity career landscape.

  • How much one actually needs to know about cybersecurity before breaking into the field, and the avenues to gain the necessary knowledge and skills.

You’ll also learn…

  • A method for crafting an elevator pitch that clearly articulates your value, plus how to formulate interview questions in a way that impresses AND helps you determine if the job will deliver on your values.

  • The variety of cybersecurity networks for women that offer learning opportunities and connections with potential employers.

  • A framework for setting goals that will ensure progression towards anything you set your sights on, and strategies to increase your likelihood for success.

Program Format

During the live sessions

  • Join women from around the world with unique backgrounds and shared aspirations

  • Hear curated insights and practical advice that’s useful and actionable, regardless of where you decide to take your career

  • Build confidence in your value and decision-making abilities

Between the sessions

  • Complete exploratory assignments to deepen your understanding of self + cybersecurity

  • Connect with other Changemakers through discussions in our private Slack community

  • Clarify your options for your next career steps

After they’re over

  • Join the Six-Figure Cybersecurity Society for continued accountability and inspiration 

  • Participate in monthly socials and quarterly workshops to grow your network and skills

  • Gain access to certification study squads to demonstrate foundational knowledge and commitment

Is Changemakers right for you?

Changemakers may be for you if…

You’re feeling bored, frustrated, or stagnant in your current job
Continuing on the same path is no longer an option

You want to be part of something critically important to many people and lives
Cybersecurity is core to protecting our collective livelihoods

You’re ready to claim your stake of a $150 billion dollar industry
When women make more money, the world is better for it


Changemakers may not be for you if…

You know you’re not ready to make any changes in the next 6-12 months
We’d hate for you to lose momentum because you don’t have time in your schedule to put what you learn into practice!

You’re not interested in lifelong learning
Technology changes rapidly; continual pursuit of new knowledge and skills is essential for success in cybersecurity.

You’re definitely not curious about cybersecurity
Some interest in cybersecurity will serve you best in our program. If you’re completely uninterested and unsure of what you want to do, check out our partner Clarity on Fire.

Changemakers is a $597 investment

A career in cybersecurity can return you $1,000s in unlocked lifetime earnings

Hacker in Heels x Clarity on Fire

Hacker in Heels has partnered with Clarity on Fire, a pair of certified career and life coaches with nearly a decade of experience. When you sign up for the Changemakers program, you’ll be getting a curriculum created and vetted by certified experts in cybersecurity, career, and personal development.

Frequently Asked Questions

How interested do I need to be in cybersecurity?

Some curiosity, but not totally committed! This program is equally about helping you get clarity around your career and life, period. We hope you’ll fall in love with cybersecurity, but if not you’ll still get a ton of value from the experience.

Will I need a degree in order to break into cybersecurity?

We won’t lie, degrees are certainly helpful for gaining foundational knowledge, but they’re not the only way. There are many stories of women who have changed careers without a cybersecurity degree, and in Changemakers we go over all of the avenues you may choose from, from self-study to bootcamps to traditional academic programs.

What is the time commitment for this program?

One hour weekly for the live session, 2-3 hours per week for exploration assignments.

What if I miss one of the live sessions?

Recordings of the live sessions will be posted to Kajabi the following day, and available for 30 days after the conclusion of the program.

Can I defer enrollment or request a refund if something comes up?

Deferment and/or refunds will not be provided. You are responsible for ensuring your schedule will support this commitment upon enrollment.

Have questions, concerns, or compliments?

Your Facilitator

Stacey Champagne

Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE)
Insider Threat Program Manager (ITPM)

I started my post-college career as a graphic designer, making $50,000 a year, driving a 14 year old car and renting a room because it was all I could afford in a high cost of living area. I had big ambitions and big plans for my life, but it became apparent very quickly that my career was not in alignment with my dreams.

Fast forward 5 years and a career pivot, I’m now making 4x more money in a highly rewarding field. There’s a TON of opportunity to grow, amazing benefits, and a level of flexibility and balance that enables me to get the most out of life beyond the work.

My own success is why I strongly believe cybersecurity careers are a means to disrupt the inequity of wealth and power in society, and an avenue for unlocking your greatest potential.