If you can see it, you can be it!

Research supports that the more women have opportunities to see other women thriving in fields like politics and STEM, the greater the likelihood they will become interested themselves.

Twitter has an active community of cybersecurity professionals, including many powerhouse female personalities. We’ve collected a few of our favorites to follow:

Christina Ayiotis (@christinayiotis)

Christina has a wealth of experience in cybersecurity law and strategy. With a profile cover photo of fresh fruits and vegetables and summary including hashtags #motherofmathgoddess #cook and #worldtraveler, you’ll get a glimpse of both her passions and her impressive intellect on various cybersecurity issues.

Masha Sedova (@modMasha)

Masha is the co-founder of Elevate Security and specializes in understanding human behavior to craft effective security awareness programs. Her tweets are a mix of backstage glimpses and sharing of informative content worth a read.

Parisa Tabriz (@laparisa)

Parisa is a proclaimed “Browser Boss” and “Security Princess” at Google. She has an interest in cookies–both the kind you eat AND the kind that track. Parisa shares a wide variety of content both personal and professional. With over 50K followers, she is definitely a leading woman in cybersecurity.

Rhea Naidoo (@Engineer_Chic)

Rhea tweets lots of relatable content around being a woman in technology, including her own experiences. She is the co-founder of a cybersecurity startup currently in stealth mode, and has a blog called “Engineer Chic.”

Fareedah (@CyberFarredah)

Fareedah made her way into cybersecurity by way of Year Up and is currently crushing it as a Founder and CEO of Sekuva. She tweets about everything from cybersecurity to gaming to Chick-Fil-A, making her totally relatable and inspirational.

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